Children's Day celebration activities

Erasmus project ''Fully Avoid Bully'' 
Children's Day celebration activities - 20 november

As part of the project ''Fully Avoid Bully'' 2020-1-IT02-KA229-079166_5, the Municipal Primary school in coordination with the other schools participant in the project took part in an online drawing exhibition ''Friendship today''. The aim of the exhibition was to show how children see friendship in the state of a social isolation period. The drawing were collected through and are published on  and  In collaboration and cooperation with the other schools partners in the project we also prepared a PowerPoint Presentation. The presentation shown to our students focuses on Children's Day and we teach our students about their rights, equipping them with the skills to speak up for themselves, for their rights. We shared the message that when children's rights are protected, children stand a much better chance of growing up in a society that allows them to thrive. The presentation is published on the schools website as well as on the link .
Additional information regarding Children's Day celebration activities you can find on the school's website .